Our story

so, how did this come about?

Matcha Mood Co was created as a way for people to understand more about the culture that surrounds matcha green tea.


We celebrate those trying to those to be on top of the mess and errands that come about everyday life - the grinders, those who invest in themselves and throw themselves in the deep end.


Whether you enjoy baking or drinking matcha to get that caffeine hit - let's get in the groove with the Matcha Mood together. 


where is our tea from? 

The answer is Wazuka, the Uji terroir, Kyoto prefecture. Partnering with a family business in Uji, our farm brings to the table the highest quality of Japanese green tea leaves selection as they looked to revitalise an industry threatened by Japan's ageing society. The size of our tea farms reach roughly 3 hectares in Uji, the Kyoto prefecture in Japan. Uji has unique climatic conditions that are immensely important as the soil, climate, altitude and humidity make up a large part of the flavour profile of matcha. 

   Our tea fields in Wazuka, Uji, Kyoto. 


redefining the Matcha Mood

Much like the culture behind coffee and wine, matcha has a history that dates back to thousands of years. We want to redefine how matcha can be enjoyed within our modern lifestyles.

The long "o" in our "mood" represents the lasting energy and motivation that we aim to get through getting that cuppa of matcha in the morning or during the afternoon crash. Ultimately our mission is to maintain integrity to the culture behind matcha while also trying to help people have clear minds so they can focus on achieving their goals and projects. 







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